Weird behaviour - Maybe a Bug when saving

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This morning I have updated 2 vpn50 in nebula orchestrator. 'Till here, all was ok.

A few moments ago, I was playing with ALG settings in both of my vpn50 (I have problems with 2 polycom conference video phone and ACK packets, but that's another problem) . My surprise comes when after some changes, I lost connectivity with one of my VPN50.

Examinating the logs, I observe that the ports has been changed. I use the p3 port like WAN P3, and it was removed from WAN, and enabled like LAN Again, but I have never got into the ports menu.

If you see the traces, I have modify the ALG settings, and it says that 30 seconds after I have modified the port settings... but that's not true.

Anyways, I don't know if it's a bug, but for me it's a little disturbing because I have to convert my modem in router, to automatically after revert it again.

Anyone more with this behaviour?

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    Hi @Adan 
    Do you mean that after enabling the ALG settings on the Orchestrator, ONE of your VPN50 disconnected but the another one still functioning even though applying the same changes? Moreover, may I ask which port had you enabled the ALG function?

    Or can you authorize our account to help to check on the device related log/status?
    Here it is our account information:
    You can authorize this account from "GROUP" --> "Configuration" --> "Administrators"

    After authorized our account, please also let us know what your GROUP is so that we can further check on it.

    Thank you.

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