Switch port fixed or normal? Whats the different?

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Hello support / forum,

I have several Zyxel switches in use and work with Vlan and the NWA APs without any problems in the past. Now I have a new Zyxel Switch GS1920 24 with firmware V4.50 (ABMH.5). My APs send different SSIDs from different vlans. The Vlan1 is the MGMT Vlan for me. Usually, I only send tagged signals to the AP from the switch and can handle them without any problems. But when I connect the new switch to the APs, I just can't manage the AP.

I also didn't understand what FIXED and NORMAL meant.

What should I set if I simply want to forward the tagged VLANS to the AP?

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  • JasonTsai
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    Hi @Eddwood ,

    For your scenario, since you have several SSIDs in different VLANs, we recommend you configuring VLAN Trunking feature on the port that connects to AP and the uplink port of the Switch.
    When you enable VLAN Trunking, you don't need to configure any new VLAN for SSIDs, those VLAN traffic from AP will pass through the Switch. 
    The setting location is at Advanced Application > VLAN > VLAN Configuration > VLAN Port Setup.
    Here is the description for VLAN Trunking feature in our user guide:

    "unknown VLAN groups" will be SSID VLANs in your scenario.

    BTW, here is the description for Fixed and Normal.

    Hope it helps.
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    So you need to set it to fixed with Tx Tagging when Tx Tagging is unchecked its untagged.
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    Thanks Peter, it works.