Client VPN Secuextender disconnecting

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We've an USG20 with VPN SSL. It's works well except for a client secuextender on a W10 PC.

With Windows Explorer secuextender disconnect systematically if we transfert a file from the PC to the server W2008. It's work if we do reverse.

Anybody have an issue ?


  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    The most current SecuExtender version is If you’re not using this version, please update it firstly (SecuExtender_Windows4.0.2.0)



    Before installing the latest SecuEntender, you should update your windows to the latest patches, then install the SecuExtender software afterward and try the SLL VPN connection again.


    If the SLL VPN is still not working, follow the steps below and share the screenshot for us to check further.

    1.       Go to device manager> Network adapters then check if the SecuExtender is working or not (TAP-Windows Adapter V9 for Zyxel SecuExtender)

    2.       Go to Control panel> Programs. Then see if the “Visual C++ 2015” is installed or not.



  • Claude
    Claude Posts: 6  Freshman Member
    Thanks for your reply.

    These two components are present and work fine.

    The problem is ONLY when I want to slide and past a file from W10PC to W2008 server, secuexenter disconnect immidiately.

    Only files < 1Ko pass. If > 1Ko = disconnexion of secu extender.

    In the other direction no problem.

    When secuextender disconnect I have this evenement :

    I have desactived antinvirus + firewall without any change. W10 is totally updated.

    Why files < 1Ko pass an others no ???????

  • Johan
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    Could you please translate what the event says to English?
  • Claude
    Claude Posts: 6  Freshman Member
    The explorer has forced an election on network\device\Netbp_tcpip_( ...........)\because a master explorer has been stoped

  • Mark_Zyxel
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    Dear Claude,

    Please feel free to call our support campus for help
    +32 3 808 1038
    kind regards


  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Hello Claude,
    I just tested SSL VPN with the latest FW, and the test of file sharing between W2008 server and Win10, both ways are working fine.
    I suggest you to try again with the latest FW and my SecuExtender is version:
    The download link will be PM to you. 
  • Claude
    Claude Posts: 6  Freshman Member

    L m late sorry.

    The PC was changed and it's ok now !

  • Edi
    Edi Posts: 1
    I have the same issue. Everything works perfectly unless I try to upload, then disconnects. Upload used to work but one day stoped. Is there any simple solution. Thank you.

  • Zyxel_Jeff
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    Hi @Edi

     When the disconnection appears:

    (1). What’s the upload behavior (such as FTP, cloud drive, etc.) leads to disconnection?

    (2). What is the disconnection symptom? Is VPN disconnection but network connectivity is normal? Or other symptoms?

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