Why do I always see the traffic from management VLAN when the PC connects to a Nebula Switch port?

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There is a mechanism on Nebula Switch(cloud mode) that prevents the Switch going offline when changing Uplink ports. To do this, the managment VLAN is fixed to all ports by default.
There are two places on Nebula CC that control if the Switch port will be assigned to management VLAN:
  1. Management VLAN control
  2. "PVID" and "Allow VLANs(Trunk type only)" in Switch port setting
If the user wants to remove specific port from management VLAN for some scenario required, the user can go to the following pages to configure:
  • Management VLAN control
    Location: Switch > Configure > Switch settings > Management VLAN control
    Configure the actual ports to allow management VLAN traffic.
    Default is "All"

  • "PVID" and "Allow VLANs(Trunk type only)" in Switch port setting
    Location: Switch > Configure > Switch ports > Edit port
    Configure PVID with another VLAN that is not the management VLAN, and do note include management VLAN in Allowed VLAN list.
    Default PVID is 1 and Allow VLANs is "All".