Add support for any unicode char in SSID

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An SSID can be made of any byte, 32 bytes long.

Unfortunately the web interface only accept a subset of ascii char and reject any configuration file that contains anything else in the ssid.

Could you add support for any UTF char in the SSID?
That was something available in all my previous AP and I never get issue with any station.

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    Hi @BuBuaBu ,
    For create a SSID profile on the NWA210AX web UI, you can go to CONFIGURATION> Wireless> AP Management> WLAN Setting, and edit the default profile with the pencil icon, or add a new profile via the + icon as below screen shot.

    After click one of the MBSSID Settings, you can edit the SSID name and edit/create a security of the SSID on the same page as well.

    When you complete the configuration, click "OK" and "Apply", and then the AP will broadcast the SSID you created on the web UI.


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    Hi @BuBuaBu ,
    The UTF-8 is supported from the NXC v6.10 version. Here's the steps to apply a SSID with the UTF-8. 
    1. To add an SSID profile and edit the SSID with UTF-8. There's a warning message pop-up when you key in a symbol. Click "yes" to keep editing. 

    2. The GUI will show the ASCII of the SSID, and please do not over the length 32.

    3. After completing the SSID profile setting, it's needed to select the SSID to a radio to broadcast. 

    Here's the support model list for your reference.
    All 802.11ax models
    WAC6500 series
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    Thank you for your answer. I succeed to create a SSID with unicode, but things are working a little bit differently from your screenshot.
    1. I never saw the popup with the warning
    2. When editing ssid, the "ASCII" field is missing

    3. When editing an SSID created by the wizard, unicode is not accepted (that why I was thinking unicode were not supported)

    Also, I don't know how to create a SSID profile from GUI.

    I'm using the local web ui, on a NWA210AX with 6.10 version.

    ps: when using conf file, SSID must be encoded with punycode.