How to create WAN2 on USG40W

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So the full problem is my company just got a second internet provider because the first one goes down too often.

Now we would like to hook them both into the USG40W so we don’t have to keep switching our wifi connection every time one line or the other fails.

I read several walk throughs/tutorials on how to set up load balancing/fail over on the USG40.  However, all of them assume that our USG40 has a WAN1 and WAN2.  Ours only has a WAN.

If someone can send me a (or point me to) a tutorial on setting up WAN2 that would be great.  If someone can give me (or point me to) steps for the whole process that would be even better.

Both our internet lines are PPPoE and both have static IP assigned.

The preferred setup would be to load balance between the two lines, but if one goes down have the other take over all the network traffic.

Thanks for any help.

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    Hi @ZimBaroo  

    There is optional interface named “OPT”.

    In default setting, OPT type is “general”. You can change interface type as “external” and setup it as “WAN” zone.

    Then OPT interface will list in system default trunk.

    Of course you can create customize load balance algorithm in your configuration.

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