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    I would like, if possible, replace this Draytek by the Zyxel.
    And still if possible, keep same IP (I would be surprised if not possible) :)

    So thats double NAT if you keep ge3 and ASUS DSL routers

    For a better setup you could for testing change one of the  ASUS DSL router to to get working with the USG
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    Hi @Bilouwanadoofr  

    Both of ASUS DSL routers with 192.168.1.X IP address, and also default USG IP address is

    IP subnet conflict may the reason that your traffic unable pass to internet.

    You can change all of IP subnet as different prevent routing issue.


    USG LAN1 IP:

    AUSA DSL#1 router: 192.168.12.X

    AUSA DSL#2 router: 192.168.13.X

  • Bilouwanadoofr
    Hello Guys,

    Sorry for my late come back... better later than never...

    After long days of testing, I finally get sorted out with this !!!
    All your precious help was really helpful.

    Working current config:
    GE3 > 192.168.1.Z > Zyxel Zywall 310 interface (type internal)
    GE4 > 192.168.1.X > first Asus Modem/Router (type general)
    GE5 > 192.168.1.Y > second Asus Modem/Router (type general)

    Now, ping ok via GE4/GE5
    NotOK via GE3 (maybe normal or a setting to change?)

    I'm now looking for 2 features to set...
    Could someone help me to understand how the loadbalancing is working with Zyxel ?

    My goal is to "combine" both DSL lines I have into one loadbalanced.
    That was possible with my Draytek in one click > Load Balance Mode > According to speed line.
    I.E. If i run multiples downloads (many sources) this will use both my lined > ~2,5Mb/s instead of only ~1.3Mb/s

    With Zyxel, it seems only one line is used... everytime the same.
    Frustrating, I cannot have a "comfortable" bandwidth of 2,5Mb/s ? :(

    I'm not sure if all I say is clear but do not hesitate to ask me more details/precisions.

    Again, thanks a lot and thanks a ton in advance !!! :-)

    Best regards,
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    For Zyxel devices, load balancing settings can be found under Configuration > Interface > Trunk > Default WAN Trunk menu.


    A Trunk interface supports 3 types of Load Balancing Algorithms;


    1-    Weighted Round Robin is for balancing traffic load between interfaces based on their respective weights. An interface with larger weight transmits more traffic than an interface with smaller weight.

    2-    Least Load First algorithm used for sending session traffics through the least utilized trunk member.

    3-    Spillover algorithm used for sending network traffics through to first member of the trunk until there’s enough traffic the second interface needs to be used.



    In your case, the most suitable algorithm for you is Least Load First. Please make sure that your external interfaces into selected Default Trunk as in the following screenshot;

    Best regards.

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