USG40W Loses Internet Connectivity

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After upgrading to 4.60, and reconfiguring the router from scratch, I've noticed that the Internet connection is unstable. Occasionally, there will be a delay when clicking on a web link, or opening a new browser session. Sometimes this delay is just a few seconds, but can also be indefinite, requiring the router to be rebooted. This is happening on the Ethernet connection, so it's not a wireless issue.

I have tried a resetting, and reinstalling firmware, using firmware's new default configuration, then configuring it manually according to my needs, but the problem persists.

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    If you have a older firmware in the other slot and reboot to that do you have any problems?

  • I don't have older firmware available. I removed it.

    There were some problems before with connectivity, but not as bad as they are now. I have replaced the device now. However, it would be good to know if the old one is fixable.
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    Hi @Jason210

    It’s our suggestion that you may consider to upgrade your device firmware to V4.60(AALB.1) patch 1. This version should not have certain issue per our real field experience.

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