NWA210AX: airtime fairness?

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is airtime fairness feature supported? (Explanation: https://www.tp-link.com/en/support/faq/2095/ )


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    I remember there's no such setting on Zyxel APs. There's a similar function called "Allow 802.11n/ac/ax stations only" (under radio setting > show advanced functions), but still differs from the "airtime fairness".

    My recommendation is, when legacy/updated stations co-exist in the same environment, use 2.4GHz radio for those legacy devices, and 5GHz radio for updated devices.This way they won't interfere each other.
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    Hi @Michael1330,

    For the most stations who have higher WiFi capability, our purpose is leading them to connect to the nearby AP and have good WiFi experience. So we have Smart steering and Signal threshold to help. The design of airtime fairness is for the problematic/legacy stations. We will enhance this part which is based on our wireless healthy, and this feature has been in our plan and will be implemented soon.