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I'm configuring an USG60W and the AntiVirus functionality doesn't work as needed. I'm running the firmware (4.60 AAKZ.1).

The documentation for the device, shows how to configure and test AntiVirus functionalitty on the USG60W with the EICAR test file.

Unfortunately, the documentation lists regular HTTP URLs alongside HTTPS URLs and make no differentiation. As of the writing of this post the EICAR website has disabled HTTP downloads.

Upon further investigation, I believe the problem is that the USG60W doesn't have the capability to perform SSL inspection, as listed here:

As listed here:

If that is the case, that means that all HTTPS, Email (IMAPS, SSMTP, POP3S), and anything else secured (e.g. FTPS) can't be inspected. This makes this paid-service very limited in value.

Can someone confirm this for me? 


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