ATP 200: Multicast and broadcast routing across VLANs to enable media sharing protocols.

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I have created several segments (VLANS) in my network to increase security of my home network. One VLAN is for computers and mobile phones, another VLAN is for data servers (e.g. NAS), another VLAN is for media players (e.g. TVs, SONOS audio players or printers) and another VLAN for IOT devices like Philips Hue. Unfortunately standard applications like SONOS app or Spotify connect or Apple Print / AirPrint or DLNA or Chromecast or Philips Hue are not working in this network design. What I was able to investigate is that the multicast / broadcast protocols like Bonjour, UPNP, DLNA uses protocol TTL parameter set to 1 and cannot be routed across different VLANS (the packet is discarded by the router).
Do you have any suggestion how to resolve this issue or is it  a new "Feature request" for ATP / USG product family?
Still I am not sure that only TTL parameter increase resolves this scenarion.
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