no radius traffic coming from ap and controller

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I'm having challenges getting an external radius authentication setup working with the Zyxel. All the devices are
terminating to the same switch and are on the same VLAN allocated for management. There is full connectivity between the devices as well.

However, there seems to be no radius request coming from the AP and controller. Debug from the radius does not show any packet coming in and on pcap from the switch does show any radius auth/acct traffic as well.

I have upgraded the firmware and tried several configuration combination on the security section but the issue remains - no radius traffic coming out from the AP/ controller. 

Please refer to the attached screenshots of the controllers AP, Security and WLAN configuration 

Below is a high-level diagram depicting how the device involve are interconnected.

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    Hi @syure_p ,
    From the attachment that you provided, you used Open+Enterprise in the security list. According to the authentication behavior, Open+Enterprise is used for Windows XP or the third-party utility. The OS version after Windows 7 must use security mode as WPA for Enterprise to make it work. If using Open+Enterprise, it will not pop out the credential request to ask you fill in. So, please modify the Security mode to WPA, and let me know if it helps.