how to apply new firmware?

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Feel like i'm missing something simple... I go to the maintenance -> firmware activity and upload the new firmware package. Wait a few minutes, log back in, and the new firmware package does not seem to be available.


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    The GS1900 series lets you have TWO copies of firmware
    uploaded to the switch at any given time.

    An "Active" copy of the firmware,
    and a "Backup" copy of the firmware.

    By default, the firmware upload page
    saves newly updated firmware as the "Backup" copy.

    You have to go to the firmware management tab
    to make the newly uploaded firmware "Active".

    Click on MAINTENANCE
    Click on FIRMWARE
    Then click on the "Management" link in the upper right-hand side.

    It will show you which firmware files you have uploaded,
    and which one is the "Active" image.

    You can make it the "active" copy from this screen.

    If you only see ONE firmware image, then
    chances are that your previous upload attempt
    was unsuccessful.

    If so, click on the "Upload" link,
    change the upload type to HTTP,
    and browse to your updated firmware file again.
    Hit APPLY, and wait for the image to upload.
    (Do not navigate away while it is uploading.)

    It's best to upload it as a backup, and then
    use the Management screen to change it,
    in case something goes wrong.