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Be nice and respectful to all

Do not post content that is offensive, abusive, obscene, hateful, threatening, or anything that discloses personal information about others including: images, location, address, and phone number. Do not post or send private messages filled with hateful, bigoted, or offensive comments/materials to any of the members or moderators.

s - Do not post legal threats against Zyxel, other companies, or any of the community members.

Advertising - Do not advertise promotional materials or any other form of solicitation in your posts or signatures. Promotion of 3rd party products will not be tolerated.

Destructive Material - Do not post or link to files that could compromise or contaminate other community members networks or systems.

Links & Spam - Do not post links to spam related sites that engage in illegal activities such as file sharing or anything that could invade intellectual properties.

General Posting/Behavior
  • Do not bump threads, please create a new one
  • Try to stay on topic
  • Do not post or share your private message or email between yourself/others and Zyxel agents that compromises any of the participants
  • Do not attempt to sell anything on this forum
  • Trolling, personal attacks, political, religious, and other contents that we deem controversial will not be tolerated
  • Do not openly argue with Zyxel moderators or any other members of the community

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