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I got two Multy X devices here today.

My device:iphone 6s plus iOS:10.3.3

A. Multy-F9BA


1.At first, I got serious trouble during the installation.One device is set up on Wi-Fi but there is an Wi-Fi name called "living room" but it is not my original setting. And I reset several times, it is still the same. Maybe my devices are sample, it is something wrong there. Let me discuss with PM, and share the feedback with you guys.

As I could not setup it successfully, I also play the app to check other information features.
Here are some issue I found:
2.Login my Zyxel Cloud and app could crash.As the iphone is connecting by 4G only.

3.In app home screen, it would random crash from one feature to another feature.

5.App Version keep running and could not log out.And it would let iphone 6S getting hotter and hotter quickly.

The battery' lost is extremely fast on that status.

6.Could not remove Multy X device after installed.Finally, I found it and it is a bar in left upper corner .

7.My Wi-Fi system layout miss and right two feature could not see.

and a strange tern "Anomalies",,,,

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  • Zyxel_Admin
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    After checking, my two devices firmware need to update again. And I would keep post what I have testing later.

    Here is another one tip.

    Please reset your device after device LED is going on blue which it is in fully functional status.

    And I will have another testing sharing.

  • Tri
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    I have similar experience on iOS iPhone 7 plus with IOS 11 Beta 7 with the App crashing when moving from menu to menu too fast etc.  Or very long load times between menu.  This could also be partly because I'm on the extender device SSID, and the backhaul may be having trouble.
  • Zyxel_Admin
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    As for back-haul disconnection issue, could you describe more in detail? The symptom would be like this, if the back-haul is broken, the second device LED would slow blinking with white light and wait for re-connect it again.
  • Tri
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    LED on second device stays solid white light.  It could be that the signal is just very low and not enough to pass traffic through even though the backhaul link is still there.  So it wasn't a true disconnect, but again, no diagnostics that can use the 2nd device to check back to 1st in app.
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    Please use latest app version and provide the diagnose result(snapshots) for checking.
    You can find following results when run diagnose function.
    • 1st node to internet
    • 2nd node to internet
    • 1st node to 2nd node