[083101]No message or error if IOS device does not have Bluetooth turned on in the Multy App

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When starting up the Multy App for the first time, I noticed after going through the first two steps it would not move forward to next just stalled there.  Then I remembered Multy used Bluetooth to setup so I turned on BT on my iPhone and then I was able to move to the looking for Multy on the network.  We need some detection or error message to make sure customers turn on Bluetooth.  

UPDATE: Looks like if now if Bluetooth is turned off, iOS warns user that they need to Turn On Bluetooth to allow Multy to connect to Accessories.  But there is no explanation in that 3rd step to make sure Bluetooth is turned on since this is how the app will communicate with the Multy device.

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    Thanks for reaching out. The message is provided by iOS/Android operating systems, we will evaluate your suggestion in the future.