[083104]My Initial iOS App Feedback / Installation / Questions / Suggestions

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App version 1.1.8 (170830)
  1. Why I am being asked to specify a location?  There's no explanation given.
  2. "Connect the power. Your Multy"  Seems to be some text missing here?  There's no indication what a user should look for to know when to proceed to the next step.
  3. "Connect Multy - Make sure MULTY is connected to your broadband"
    Why is Multy in all caps here but not the other page?  (as noted in my other post I can't continue installation beyond this point)
  4. If you back out of the install, it takes you to an empty "My WiFi System" page in the app.  I don't see any way to restart installation in the app.  There needs to be a very obvious way to start the install process again other than force closing the app. (Update the screen worked the 2nd time I tried it.  Seems to be due to lack of Internet connection at the time.)


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    Update - On the last bullet up there, I have tried this again and this time it worked.  Possibly this was caused by me not having an Internet connection at the time since I was trying to setup Multy.
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    Ok, used my wife's iPhone 6Plus to finish setup.  Additional feedback.
    1. #2 above displayed correctly this time
    2. After setting up the router, it wasn't clear to me you were asking me to add an extender.  Just the text "Add Multy?".  We should make this more clear?  Perhaps a better graphic if not text?
    3. After completing setting up the 2nd unit, I don't remember being prompted to add another unit.  Does the app not take into account some people may need to install 3?
    4. Connecting 2nd Multy.  Missing text.  "Connect the power.  Your Multy LED will blink blue when it's ready for"
    5. "Poor signal strenght Your next Multy is too close or too far from the first Multy, please change the location"  This was with my Multy bridging through several walls and a column.  My signal was too strong.  Can we have the text here change based on whether the signal is too strong or too weak?   Let's give them clear instructions.  "Your new Multy is too far from the original location, try moving it closer" and "Your new Multy is too close to your original Multy, please move it further away to cover more of your home."  Something like that.
    6. Several times the app prompts you to login.  But nowhere is there any explanation of why you would want to do that.
    7. The text on the screen displayed during the firmware update needs a rewriten to be more clear.
    8. BUG:  I tried to enable "Seperate 5Ghz Wifi".  I hit save, it asked to confirm that I wanted to make the change and that it would take a while.  I hit confirm, it took me to the updating screen, and then kicked me back to the Private Network screen I was just on.  The save button was still there, if I tried to go back it would warn me that my settings weren't saved.  If I cancelled and tried to save again the same thing would happen.  I eventually backed out, told it I did not want to save, but the screen now shows that I do have a seperate WiFi name for my 5Ghz radio.
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    Feature Request:  Why can't I manually set my 5Ghz radio name?  I traditionally have my radios named differently.  This means I either need to change all my 5Ghz devices to use .speed or have to change all my 2.4Ghz devices.  Either way I have to change the WiFi settings on a large number of devices.  I am fine with .speed being the default, but let me manually set each SSID name.

    Question:  QoS?  Anything like streamboost or a way to prioritize certain devices?

    Question:  I'm not seeing any advanced settings?  Gamers need the ability to set up port forwarding, and I don't see that.  Is it hidden somewhere I'm not thinking to look?  I'm fine with it being hidden by default, but we do need access to certain features?

    Question:  Per device scheduling/parental controls?
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    Thanks for reaching out and for your question about Multy X.

    • About choose location, it will help you to identify where the place of Multy X node.
    • About some text missing, please use the latest version (170901) of Multy X to test again.
    • About “Multy”, “MULTY” wording, we will unify it in future version.
    • Go to Home > Menu > My Multy, you can add new Multy X node.
    • About signal strength, we will modify install process in future version.
    • Multy X used single SSID for 2.4G and 5G to provide good performance about Band steering and AP steering.
    • About QoS, Multy X support WMM and we will evaluate the feature of prioritize devices in future version.
    • Multy X will support port forwarding in Q4.
    • About parental control, please go to "Device(s)" page and select the device >  Click "Join Group" and input group name to create it > Click "Next" > Select the schedule for the device not allowed to access Internet and click "Save".
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    can we make the multy x act as a bridge for some of the client devices?
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    >Why port forwarding is needed? Is Multy x a NATed device? 

    I'm assuming like most home routers, all IPv4 traffic is NAT'd by default.  It is normal for gamers (even console gamers) to do port forwarding to maximize online game performance and avoid UPnP devices from "stealing" a need port for a game.  Many home IP cameras require port forwarding for remote access.  When testing products for other SBU, I often need to set up SSH/Telnet port forwarding for remote debug, and I'd like to manually set port forwarding rules for remote access to my home NAS.

    This is basic functionality found on even the cheapest home router.
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    @FTL @DrPepper

    Multy X will support bridge mode and port forwarding around 2017 Q4. Thanks.