[090102]App installation feedback

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First image (Connect Multy)
"Connect the power. Your Multy LED will blink blue when its ready for"
The sentence is cut off and the last words are missing.

Second image (Add Multy)
Long text on connecting to 5G WiFi. This is super confusing since most users (including myself) has not touched the setting earlier in the priocess where 2,4 and 5G coudl be separated. Most users will not have a separate 5G band.

Third image (Multy Location)
My signal strength is good, but the button is still named "Connect anyways", like it woudl be a bad thing to connect. Change button name. If it cant be dynamic, it should just be called "Connect"

Fourth image (Login with MyZyxelCloud)
After connecting this image/message appears. Its very unclear what i should do here and why. Most users will click skip.

Fifth image (Add wifi system)
This button is confusing as it ask if i want to add (an entire new) wifi system. It should be named "Add Multy X Node". Could be called satellite or similar too. We are talking about adding single units, right?


  • Zyxel_Support
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    Thank for your feedback.

    • About the last words are lost, please try to use the latest version Multy X app (170901).
    • We will simplify install process about on long text connecting to 5G WiFi.
    • About you mentioned the word of "Connect anyways”, we will improve it in future version.
    • Add wifi system means add a new wifi system not a new Multy X node. If you wants to add a new Multy X node, please go to Home > Menu > My Multy > Add Multy.