[090202]My Second testing on Multy X 090217

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After upgrading my firmware on two Multy X, they were working great during the installation.
But there are still some issues founded during the testing on latest iOS.
1.App crashing.
  • login SSO
  • Diagnostic to my Wi-Fi system.
2.App handing.
  • menu switch from Wi-Fi system to My Multy.
  • Device list

3. Layout issue.

4.Wording issue.(No signal)

4.Unknown device with * symbol. It would become null name after click device type.

5.Diagnostic checking slow.
It spend me almost two minutes(1:45 sec)
And I am afraid to use this function if they always spend two minutes without any entertainment.
Sometimes, it would get fail before the testing.

Also, I use iOS app on ipad air 2. Officially, it is not supported, but apple doesn't stop the user to download it
and use it. fortunately, it works great and almost the same issues are the same as iphone does.
But.....please do not use old old legacy ipad to use it. Ex:ipad2 with no retina. It won't work with our Multy app. I mean its 2017, we are using latest Wi-Fi system in the world. Please get a newer ipad at least, please.
Here are couple issues I found.
1.It is always offline status. Somethime, I think it never comes to online again but it would online unless you keep that page as long as you can.

2.Also, In my Wi-Fi system page, it would need spend time to update the status.
But it works finally with spending time to connecting to cloud.

3.Layout issue.

Rest of are my screenshot on ipad 2.

Later on, I would make another testing on android version.
Any comment to share, just reply it.