[090401]My third testing on Multy X 090317

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Today, I start test Multy X with Android app from setup starts.
I open the iOS app and remove all the device from my Multy and it would pop out the message that it would reset all the devices.
But it doesn't.
Then I use a pin to reset two devices.My floor are 1245.65 square feet with all concrete wall.

I didn't do too much throught put testing due to 5G band is in 44. Most of my devices does not support except apple devices.
I would focus on app user experiencing sharing.

In installation process, it would terrific smooth without any trouble and I don't login Zyxel cloud to finish it.
I put my first Multy X in study room.(Black circle) It is inside of the book shelf and close the shelf door during the testing.
The second Multy X in one bed room.(Red circle) it is on the my son's study table.

Test 1 location is the corner of the living room.
The iphone channel list:

Test 2 location is the farest bathroom of my home.
The iphone channel list:

1. When I start to install it, it needs to have internet connection on your mobile device and it show this screen.
There is no way to back to home screen or other screen.
I need to shut this app down from app list and restart it again.

2.As I install the second device, it would show to suggest link 5G to suggest the best location. And I don't think normal user would understand what 5G real is. Furthermore, it would get users confused, 4G, LTE, 5G, etc... I suggest to revise the description on this part. Also, apple device users could not know what connecting band they are using now.

3.App crashing are still high when it is running.

It surprise me that Android app use different flow that its backgroud automatic checking is not as the same as iOS.
So when there is no data return back, it would show retry and wait users to click the "retry".
I am fine with this design to let app quality but I think there would need more visual effort on retry button or remind the user to click it.
In my personal, I prefer to connect automatically in background because I am a lazy guy to click or swipe any button on apps.

4. In diagnosis part, there are some issue I found.
My home bandwidth is 13M/4M which means lower than normal family using in Taiwan.
That's why I run the tool in test 1 and test 2 with 2.4G. They all could get 11M/3M speed.
As Multy X to Multy X, the speed between is 450~470M,
Also, I get this kind of result. 0/0,,,,,,
I don't know what does it mean on this speed test!!!!!

In addition, the process animation is in the wrong place.
This one is wrong between study room and living room.

This one is wrong between study room and Internet.

5.In device list, if there is a device could not be identify, it would show empty/nothing,(iOS version show "*")
And I click the device, it would stuck in device page. There is no indicator or reminding icon to show where the user should key the device name.

6.As for device scheduling, it needs to click every half hour for each day. There is no way to swip one day at once. I would suggest to offer quick package to let the user to choose avoid long setting time.

Also, it would not show any status in this screen. The user could not know what status it is or which device is in Internet scheduling now. I would suggest to show the status on play/Pause button with visual effort.
More, I would suggest to add block icon in device list when the device is blocking. It would be a quick launch feature for the user. (Reference from ONE Connect/Multy Pro/ConnectCaddy).

7,For Wi-Fi setting, there are only fifteen SSID letter could be show there, If there is more than that, it would dispaly "...." instead. I would suggest to let user click the "...", it would pop out the message to show all the SSID or password information.

Here are my two days testing report.
Any comment? Share with me or just reply.
And open your testing discussion.

Let's get Multy X be better and better.
We wish it would be the best Wi-Fi system in the world after our beta user contributing.....