[091404]Hide Pre Sahred Key

pancho35m Posts: 72  Ally Member
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is it possible that you can hide the Pre Sahred Key in the APP? Maybe you can generate an additional icon to unhide the PSK and show them.

Thanks alot


  • Zyxel_Support
    Zyxel_Support Posts: 435  Zyxel Employee
    Thanks for your feature requests, we will evaluate it.
  • pancho35m
    pancho35m Posts: 72  Ally Member
    Thanks would be nice to hear an answer
  • Zyxel_Admin
    Zyxel_Admin Posts: 27  Freshman Member
    I believe they design this mobile app is for administrator view only. The hiding is usually for pad or normal user viewing.
  • pancho35m
    pancho35m Posts: 72  Ally Member
    i can understand but i do not think that is a lot of work to change this in the app to hide/unhide the PSK. 
    Maybe we can vote her or something like that.
    I know that is no showstopper it is only design. but it looks a little bit like a pro to unhide/hide the psk