Release: Android apk of Multy X

Dear Beta User,

Please get Android apk of Multy X as below:

Includes bug fixes and improves the performance of Multy.

Please also upgrade your Multy X device firmware to V1.00(ABKJ.1)B6  


  • DrPepper
    DrPepper Posts: 35  Freshman Member
    - No text informing user to wait for the blue flashing light after being instructed to turn on Multy.
    - No test informing user they may need to power cycle their broadband modem for Multy to get an IP address.  Again, this is going to cause returns and negative reviews in the US market where modems lock onto the first MAC address they see at boot and won't provide DHCP to any other devices.
    - Still one page that says poor connection for both too close and too far, rather than purpose build pages for each situation.
    - On poor connection screen, button to indicate you have relocated the Multy is grayed out, but functions when clicked.
    - On poor connection screen, when I clicked to "continue anyway" the app froze and then crashed
    - My WiFi System screen shows "0 Devices are Connected" despite a number of devices being connected
    - Firmware update success message is all lower case.
    - When navigating between screens in the app, I often get a blank screen with the text "retry" in the middle.

  • pancho35m
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    the same on my site
  • DrPepper
    DrPepper Posts: 35  Freshman Member
    Feedback on 927 version of Multy App
    - I have experienced multiple crashes of the app.  Often right at launch.
    - When coming back to the app after having it in the background, it often gets stuck at "Reconnecting"
    - I don't like how the app becomes "grayed out" while trying to load or save information.  I'd much prefer either text on the screen "Loading" "Saving" or the universal "spinny thing" to indicate it is waiting or even a progress bar.
    - Going from "My WiFi System" to the devices tab often ends up briefly showing the devices screen, then taking me back to the My WiFi System screen, but with everything grayed out.  Have to force close the app to regain functionality.
    - In general I find it much improved over the 913 version, and while I would love to see everything working perfect, I don't feel these bugs should prevent the app from being published in the Play store as soon as possible. 

    Device Tested with - Samsung S7 running Android 7