[092504]Multy X Setup experience

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First time setting up the system, the App kept on asking me to reset the second unit as it was having trouble establishing a connection to my first Multy, after the third time and also trying a different location, I went ahead and reset both units to start all over.

I encountered a second issue, the app would no longer load, I'm guessing since the WiFi installation wasn't being found, waiting patiently was the only way to get the pages to load. After 10 minutes of waiting for the App to load 2 menus I was able to then delete the existing WiFi installation.

I proceeded to try and go through the setup again, this time once again asked me to reset the unit, instead of resetting I removed the power and powered it back up, went back a step so the App can find the second Multy and it went through this time.

This is just my experience with the device since if one of the focuses was ease of setup, it wasn't for me. During my testing performance and coverage was great as expected. 


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    Can you share below information:
    - App version of Multy X
    - Firmware version of Multy X
    - OS version of mobile device
    - Model name of mobile device