[092812]Scheduler/Parental Control Group settings

Theo1975 Posts: 0  Zyxel Employee
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When I press the blue sign the internet will be allowed until when?
I guess the tiemstamp is missing or the "until" needs to removed.


  • Zyxel_Support
    Zyxel_Support Posts: 435  Zyxel Employee
    It will allow until the next cycle time schedule begin.
    And we will enhance the description in coming version app.

    Schedule Setup to block Internet access on Friday all the time.
    Message shows "Blocked until 00:00, tomorrow".
    When I tap "Allow", message shows "Allowed until 00:00, Fri".

  • Theo1975
    Theo1975 Posts: 0  Zyxel Employee
    That's Sounds good. Was Just Showing the time until now, so i was a Bit confused.
  • Theo1975
    Theo1975 Posts: 0  Zyxel Employee
    Test it with the new App (V1.1.8.170928) and new Firmware (V1.00(ABKJ.1)B9) , it still not running stable.
    Everytime when I want to block/allow the App crashes and need to start again. When App is started again, the change is done.