[092902]Setting up secondary Multy device

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It is typical to setup the second device where you will want it to be placed, and in some cases, your WiFi device you are using to configure the Multy could be too far from the original router.  As the WiFi device needs to have an internet connection, it is possible the device could lose internet access and you will need to start the process over again, which can become very frustrating.


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    We will release a new app version tomorrow and will keep improved it.
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    Dear my forum member:
    Could you describe your issue with environment information?
    It would be great help for us to identify your issue and answer your questions quickly.
    The information we need are here:

    App version:(check app version inside of app "Multy X")
    phone device information:
    iOS/Android version:
    How many devices connecting?(Wi-Fi/wire)
    your bandwidth plan:
    how large your house ?(square feet/meter):

    Thank you for your dedicating contribution.