[092904]After pushing the login button on the APP - redirect to myzyxel Portal in a browser

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Hi Team,

please think about it:
If i open the APP on my smartphone and i push the login button it will be redirect to a browser where i fill in my credentials of myzyxel account.
That is fine for me.
But i do not like that if i open my webrowser on my smartphone that thereis a tab with the login screen of the login of myzyxel by sso.
Yesterday after the app crashes often i always logged out and retype my credentials but in the browser i had 5 or more tabs of myzyxel login.

Can we change this that after login that the browser tab will be closed? Or is this impossible?



  • Zyxel_Admin
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    Dear my forum member:
    Could you describe your issue with environment information?
    It would be great help for us to identify your issue and answer your questions quickly.
    The information we need are here:

    App version:(check app version inside of app "Multy X")
    phone device information:
    iOS/Android version:
    How many devices connecting?(Wi-Fi/wire)
    your bandwidth plan:
    how large your house ?(square feet/meter):

    Thank you for your dedicating contribution.
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    This is Android design limitation.
    We will ask Google for the solution.
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    Ok Cool let me know the answer please
  • pancho35m
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    It is a huawei P9 Android 7 and ZYXEL-debug-