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  • TetsuoSergeant
    TetsuoSergeant Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    I have NBG318s, NSA-210, PLA470, PLA5206 v2, and Z2...     
  • TicFan
    TicFan Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    I have a NSA325 v2 with two 1Tb  WD Red drives and love it.
  • CozmoE5
    CozmoE5 Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    Mine is an NSA325 v2 with two Toshiba NSA 2TBs installed and it is very easy to use.
  • Djoezz
    Djoezz Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    First Anniversary
    I have a NSA 325 V2 with two two WD 3TB s in RAID 1
    Happy with the new forum as I still have questions after 4 years of using them.  ;-)
  • Darryll
    NSA325 with 2 x 3tb WD Drives.  As a DJ it's been an absolute Godsend these last couple of years for my massive music collection backups :)
  • jo_3
    jo_3 Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    my Zyxel ARMOR X1 AC2100 is running failurelessly since half of March as extra access point 
  • Jelf10
    Jelf10 Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    NSA221 for years since it first came out and still going strong.
  • Krigon
    Krigon Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    NSA325 v2 (since January 2014) with one Western Digital Red 3 TB. Works fine: NAS, OwnCloud, SqueezeCenter (and 3 Raspberry Pi), ...

  • Cozmo
    Cozmo Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    NSA325 v2 First used 3-4 years ago with 2 Seagate 2TB but now temporarily reconfigured with 1 while another solution has been added to system. Used to 'back-up' another storage solution while files are being updated, some deleted and new ones added.
  • jdmdub
    jdmdub Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    NSA325 bough a number of years back...  
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