Typo in /cgi-bin/expert.css in NWA1123 AC fw V2.11(AAOX.0)

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Typo in /cgi-bin/expert.css in NWA1123 AC fw V2.11(AAOX.0)

630 /*Level one*/
631 .w_text {
632 	position:relative;
633	display:block;
634	width:95%;
635	margin:0 auto;
636	color:#0000;--should be 000000
637	font-size:12px;
638	line-height:20px;
639	clear:both;
640	margin-top:10px;
641 }
How to fix?



  • Rory
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    I am not an expert for NWA products.
    But after checking the content, did you meet any problem with specific browser?
    If yes, maybe you can try other browser, such as IE or chrome.
    And I suggest you can post the problem to WLAN forum:

    good luck :)