new Zyxel products, need info on setting up basic config in a domain env(server has static ip)

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Hello -  Can someone give me basic how to on configuring the USG20 in a small bus environment ?

current set up 
2008 Server DC static ip
Comcast Cable modem ==>Netgear firewall configured by previous IT guy, don't know password to get into it - It is giving DHCP to clients  -  this connects to unmanaged switch that 2008 server and clients in office connect to

changing Firewall to A) be able to properly manage  & B) hopefully fix SLOW at times internet access throughout office  (would imagine firmware is old on Netgear)

need clients to have connectivity to log into domain to connect to shares and internet access
would imagine, TCP 80,443   UDP,DNS   need access to get out to internet    

only need ports open for clients and server to be accessible for remote login from joingotomeeting (will check what ports that needs - possibly just 80,443 - not sure though)

Took quick shot at it and had difficulty with clients connecting to domain -  also believe I didnt configure DNS properly as I was able to ping, but not browse to web sites...

any help is greatly appreciated!


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    If you can provide a topology of your network, is help to understand the possible issue.
    Client can ping but cannot browse the websites, It seems there is an issue on DNS setting.
    Add this DNS rule and try it again.

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    I will definitely verify that -  where would I specify the server's static ip address that should be reserved form DHCP ?   
    Basically the Netgear Firewall (currently being used) is providing DHCP now to all clients(unable to check how configured because password wasn't left)  

    All clients have server IP in the their DNS and Xfinity's DNS as well currently (i'm pretty sure)

    So, the Zyxel will now serve DHCP & DNS to clients and server, just need server IP to stay the same if possible - basically need clients to have web access and connectivity to Domain and the server shares
    Should I give the server a new IP from the Zyxel's new IP scheme given from DHCP and reserve 1 IP to exclude form scope? 

    Need help with this as I'm unsure how this will react because this server is a Domain

    thanks in advance

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