USG 50 error by updating firmware

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We have a firewall usg 50 in our school. The firmware is still 2.21 (BDS.1) I tried to update it but I get an error every time. errno: -42007 errmsg: Firmware content error! Any idea what the problem could be?


  • Blabababa
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    It's not suggested to jump from very old firmware to the latest. You may try upgrade by following sequence.
    V2.21 => V3.00 => V3.30
    Firmware can be downloaded from the official ftp site and login with anonymous account.

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    Maybe you can try to use firmware recovery to upgrade USG 50 to the latest version. 
    Check Appendix 3. Firmware Recovery in the release note.
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    Dear customer,
    Is it maybe because you tried to flash it with the zip file instead of the bin file.
    (so unzip the (firmware).zip file)
    and use the .BIN file instead.
    kind regards
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    I believe you have received the answers, but compilation:
    1, Backup your configuration, backup your configuration, backup your configuration.
    2, Like Mark said: Make sure you unzip and upload the .bin file, not the .zip.
    3, Like Blabababa said do not jump from such an old firmware directly to the latest one. His/Her suggestion on jumps is good: V2.21 => V3.00 => V3.30. If there are still issues try even smaller increments.

    4, Do not do the upgrade by doing a firmware recovery as explained in appendix 3 in the release notes.
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    Hello IVIOJAN,
    Is the issue solved after follow above good suggestion?

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