How to connect to my LAN network while a VPN tunnel is up

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Hi to everyone,
I decided to by a USG 20 unit to let myself connect to home lan network. At moment i cascaded a modem from ISP provider , zyxel and a router netgear. In particular the address config is the follow:

Immagine incorporata 1

Sercomm is used just to remain active the voip line cos my provider do not permit different modem .
Public IP is made static by a ddns service.
For the VPN Service I've selected a VPN-SLL cos i found it easier. As Client I use Zyxel Securextender.
Following steps has been performed:
1- Forwarding the 443 port on Sercomm
2- Creation of a new VPN user in the section Object of the zyxel
Immagine incorporata 2
3 - In the VPN -->VPN SSL section I have set connection enabling the user created and allowing him to acces at zyxel lan (
Immagine incorporata 3
Immagine incorporata 4

The result is that I can access to my zyxel from remote place in fact the client establish a connection with thw follow parameters
Immagine incorporata 5

I find that, correctly , the assigned address is of the kind 192.168.1.X and browsing to i can open the zyxel homepage....... but when I try to reach one of the elements of the netgear subnet, i.e. I try to reach my NAS at the address, I can't access. Any ping I tried to the element of my home network is failed. Someone can help me?



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    Thanks for your feedback,
    after checking with security support team,
    the similar topic be posted on Biz forum,
    they will follow up on Biz forum.

    Thank you for choosing Zyxel product. :)

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