Ip conflict with the zyxel gs1200-5hp poe switch !?

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Dear Sir / Madam,

I recently purchased a ZYXEL GS1200-5HP PoE switch as I want to send 4 Ruckus R310 unleashed access points from my Ubee EVW3200 modem / router from Ziggo.

I can not activate my Switch, whatever I try and wherever I search on the internet !?

Well, I suspect it's an IP conflict.

This is the only thing I can find: https://www.gadgetgear.nl/2016/11/review-zyxel-gs1200-8hp-managed-poe-netwerk-switch/

The installation is a completely different story. Buy one of these switches in one go and connect them immediately, you have a big problem. They are all hard at the IP address You immediately get the necessary collisions on your network. If you already have another device on that IP address, it is also completely wrong. Then you first have to put that device on a different IP address or pop out of the network. And do you have a completely different IP range like us? Then you actually have to topple your entire network or connect one computer to the switch and adjust the configuration of the switch first. Remember, if you ever reset the switch again, it will return to this IP address. Where ZyXEL does its best in terms of interface to create a product that is as accessible as possible, they still get themselves back in the foot. Too bad, because this mess with hard IP addresses does not really have to be in 2016 anymore.

All very nice of course, but if they also put it all how this works, I can continue.

I hope that someone has experience with this and can help me further?

Mvr gr,


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  • Dash
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    GS1200-5HP can change IP address manually.
    About your problem, do you want GS1200-5HP has DHCP feature which receive an IP from router?
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    Got the same problem: the Zyxel behind the telcom Router and behind the fritzbox 6490 -although I connected the PC directly with the zyxel- there is no way to connect the IP-adress to start any configurations. What to do?
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    1. To change your PC as static IP: 192.168.1.X and connect to GS1200-5HP directly.
    2. Log into GS1200-5HP: and modify default IP/Subnet/GW the same as network segment of your router.
    3. PC change back as DHCP. (Obtain an IP address automatically)