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Hello. I have a NWA1123-AC in a rather small room, and then I have another room next to this room. This room has a door but the rooms are separated with very thick walls. Because of the thick walls the wifi signal is too low in room 2. So I am thinking of getting another AP. But I would like to use the same ssid so that the clients can pick the AP depending on what room the client is in.

I would probably need to lower the energy of the AP to very low so that the clients will only see the correct AP. Do you think that will work? If so, what second AP do you suggest in this case?


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    We suggest you to purchase the same model as NWA1123 for another room. Use the same SSID with the same password could let the users move smoothly in 2 rooms.

    How to ensure the wifi quality and signal are fine?  Here is our suggestions for you.

    1. Enable DCS

    2. Lower energy: When the client moves from room 1 to room 2, but still connects to the room 1 AP, just lower the energy to ensure the coverage will not be overlapping too much.