GS2210-48HP Abnormal LED Behavior

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Hi everyone,

I have a GS2210-48HP in operation.
I went to the server room to try and connect a new link on the switch. But I noticed that the LED of this port does not turn ON.
After looking at the other ports, I noticed that some ports are also showing this behavior!
The port that connects to the USG shows LED is OFF, yet we have no issues accessing the Internet.
Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior? Should I try replacing my GS2210-48HP?


  • JasonTsai
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    Hi Bayek,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    Do you mean all Internet accessing through the GS2210-48HP are OK while there is some LED on ports are OFF which have a connection on it?

    First of all, may you check the "LED Mode" button on the front panel is releasing?
    If you are using LED mode, the LED will only show whether it provides power on the ports or not.
    That is why all traffic seems normal, but the LED is not on Green.

    Hope it helps!
  • Bayek
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    Wow. You are right. the GS2210-48HP has a button on the right side of the front panel that changes LED indicator. It was my fault for not noticing that.
    Thanks for the help!