Faulty Cable?

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Hi, I bought two GS1900-8 for home use. One is connected to the router (fritzbox) via port one. 
Router port is configured for 1Gbit speed. 
Once I set port 1 in the GS1900-8 to 1000M, full duplex manually I lose connection to the switch immediately. 
The other switch works fine (different setup though), so I’m not quite ready there’s something wrong with that on switch. Could a faulty cable be the culprit and explain this behavior?
Thanks in advance


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    Hi @theman824,

    The switch's port speed should be already Auto by default, so when the Router which is configured at 1G speed, the connection between two devices will link up at 1000M.
    May you share why you need to configure force 1000M manually on GS1900-8?

    Like you mentioned, the cable maybe is a reason, if the cable only supports speed 100M, it won't be able to link at 1G.
    Please check your cable is Cat 5e or above.

    Hope it helps.
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    If I leave it on auto it will run on 1000M for a few days and then all of a sudden switch to 100M for no apparent reason (same setup all along). When I try to force 1000M I lose connection altogether, at least when the switch has already gone to 100M by itself. 
    So i’m guessing the cable is 1000M compatible, but I’m thinking it might be broken maybe. It’s a 20 meter or 25 meter even cable and I’m not sure if it is physically ok. 
    That‘s why I was wondering if a compatible but faulty cable could cause this behavior. 
    I would just test this of course if I had a second cable this long.