USG60W VLAN setup and DHCP

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This may be a dumb question and if so I apologize.  I want to set up a   VLAN on my USG60W.  I understand the concept of  VLANs but I am confused on the configuration  of a DHCP Server with that VLAN.  I want one of my ports to be dedicated to that VLAN.  In configuring a DHCP server there are two places to do that.    I can set up a DHCP server on the Ethernet port or  in the VLAN configuration.  Which do I want to use?  Just for full disclosure I also want one of my wireless SSID's (I use two) to also be dedicated to the VLAN.   I have tried to research this but am still confused.


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    Hi @Sparky4460
    Just set up DHCP server on vlan interface, instead of physical ethernet interface.
    As for wireless dedicated to the VLAN subnet, go to Configuration > object > AP profile > SSID list > Vlan support set to "on" and set up vlan ID on this page.

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