Trouble accessing login page for gs1900-8hp

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I just received my Zyxel GS-1900 switch, and I seemed to have successfully changed its static IP address so it will not conflict with my router.  The switch is not connected to my main router by an ethernet cable.  It attached to another computer that is connected wirelessly to my router. To change the static address of the switch, I had to set the ethernet port to a static IP.  When I switched the Ethernet port from static back to dynamic and turned on the WIFI, I could no longer access the switch IP address. When the ethernet port has the static address, I can access the login page both when I have wifi disabled and enabled. 

The new static IP address I set is defintely on the same subnet, and not within the DHCP lease range.  When I access my router's home page on my other computer, I do not see anything that has a conflicting ip address.  I also do not see the switch.

Any idea what is going on? 


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    Hi @anon71 ,

    Interesting subject.
    Sorry for asking but it's a little bit confusing.
    Do you mean you could access your router's home page from the other computer, but cannot access the switch? If yes, it looks like the switch cannot get a correct IP address or default gateway after changing the settings to dynamic. 
    I think you can check if only your router is the only DHCP server running, last time I met a problem similar to yours and I notice that my PC become the DHCP server XD.....
    You can check it on Task Manager > Services > Open Services and search if there is any DHCP server running. I suggest to check it on all of end devices connected to your switch.

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    Thanks for replying.  The problem is that I cannot access the switch's login page - from the computer to which it is connected - when the Ethernet adapter is set to dynamic.  In other words, I have a switch with an Ethernet cable connected to the computer's Ethernet port.  There is nothing else connected to the switch.  The computer only has wifi access - no wired connection to the router.  If the Ethernet adapter is set to receive a dynamic IP address, I cannot access the switch's login page regardless of whether my wifi is on or off.  However, I can access the switch's login page when I assign the Ethernet adapter a static IP address.  Shouldn't I be able to access the switch's login page when the Ethernet adapter is set to dynamic?

    I'll check my computer when I get home to see about the DHCP issue.

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    I checked Open Services, and there is a "DHCP client" running, if that is what you mean.  I could not stop it from running; it told me other running services depend on it.
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    Hi @anon71,

    Sorry for the late response.

    1. Based on your description, I assume that your network setup is like the picture below.
    After you change the settings to DHCP, your PC could not be able to connect the  GS1900-8HP web GUI page due to it only has wifi interface through the router. NIC card for ethernet and wifi are individual. 
    Please help to verify if your PC has the ability to bridge the ethernet & wifi connection.

    2. For the DHCP client in windows service, it cannot be stopped due to this is the service to retrieve an IP from the DHCP server.


    PS: And according to @newBie_ suggestion is correct which is make sure that only one DHCP server is running in the network environment to avoid connection issue. 

    Hope it helps.