What console cable is needed for a GS1910-24HP?

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I have bought myself a used GS1910-24HP and cannot configure it - it is not on its default IP and nothing plugged into the console port returns anything, not even gibberish.

The manual mentions no specific cable, and it doesnt look like there is a non standard pin out?

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  • Zyxel_Ryan
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    It seems that you have already tried to use console. 
    If you cannot see any message after connecting with switch, it might be that your baudrate is not set the same value as switch on your terminal. Try to use 9600 or 115200
    After you make sure you can see message from console, please follow the topic: 5.13 How to Reset the Switch via Console Port in User Guide as attachment to reset your switch. 
    After doing reset process, you can use default IP to access your GS1910-24HP.