GS1900-24E, SNMP, LAG Physical address changes

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Hi all

Monitoring my GS1900-24E with Librenms. About every 5. minute, it seems like the physical address on one of the LAG ports (always LAG7) changes the physical address. 

2018-06-26 00:30:10 lag7 ifPhysAddress: 000e20e02b65 -> 000e2ac82b65
2018-06-26 00:25:10 lag7 ifPhysAddress: 000e2df82b65 -> 000e20e02b65
2018-06-26 00:20:10 lag7 ifPhysAddress: 000e35202b65 -> 000e2df82b65

However, all Link Aggregation functions are disabled and unused.
Firmware: V2.40(AAHK.1) | 03/30/2018 (have been doing this all the time though).

Any ideas of why this is happening (and how to stop it)?