On ZyAIR G-4100 v2, the login page jump to https ( unconfigured ) on android chrome ...

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For several years my wireless access point has been working well.

Now when an android user wants to connect. The login page jumps to https automatically... there is no ssl certificate on my G-4100 :(

i upgrate Firmware Version 1.00(ZL.4)  to Firmware Version 1.00(ZL.8) 
no change...

it's only with android recent... on PC or my old galaxy tab 10.1 it doesn't jump on https

-- Msg --- utilise un protocole incompatible.

do you have a solution to allow customers to connect?

sorry for my English, I speak French ;)



  • Mosler
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    I too have this issue and i've started to tell my customers that their device has to be exchanged to a newer one (not zyxel) in order to fix this.
    Both VSG1200 and G-4100 has this issue.