Configuration and scenario with two NWA5123-AC-HD

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Hi everybody,
I hope someone is able to help with my question and scenario I would like to achieve.

I just ordered and received two NWA5123-AC-HD.


- two AP connected to each floors from my house (2.4G frequency band)
- The distance from the two AP will be around 15 meters
- Goal is to use the same SSID on the two NWA5123-AC-HD. My differents devices will use the same SSID on my entire house and same password.

How configure my NWA5123-AC-HD to do this scenario?

I configured the first NWA5123-AC-HD without problem. Wifi working fine. But does we have to do a specific setup to connect the second NWA5123-AC-HD to use the same SSID name than the first?
I want to avoid multiple SSID gestion for my kids.

I decided to use the NWA5123-AC-HD for POE capability.

Does I'm wrong in my understanding or a bad choice with the product?

Many thanks,