SSLVPN daemon not available

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Hi. Running an USG1100 with firmware V4.20(AAPK.2)ITS and and has a problem with the ssl client connections. When Secuextender is used we can't connect. Error in log is "sslvpn daemon is not available". I assume it has crashed.
How can I get it up and running without reboot?


  • ChrisGer
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    Hi Kristoffer,
    are you running a "experimental" and not official released Firmware on your USG? "ITS" is normaly not in the description, if you have a public Release :s
    Your Firmware is not up to date. 4.20(AAPK.2) released in December 2016.
    Firmware 4.25(AAPK.1) was released in July 2017.
    Stay sure, you are useing the latest SSL-VPN Client on your devices to get connected.
    Get it up without a reboot is not possible in my mind.

  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Hello KristofferJ,
    I suggest to upgrade your device’s FW to the latest one first, and check again with the latest SSL-VPN Client: SecuExtender
    The download link will be PM to you. 
  • KristofferJ
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    I rebooted the device and upgraded to latest firmware at the same time. But now I get other problems; device rebooted at 11.56 today and whenever I login I get the setup guide. I exit it but it appears again. Hmmm.
  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Hello KristofferJ,
    Just want to confirm that you mean when you login, the setup page will appear every time even you already pressed exit before?
    On the FW version 4.25 or above, the device will be forced to register with, so clients can be notified when the latest FW release.
    Moreover,the issue should be disappeared if you register the device or UTM license or when you are on setup guide, press next until third step and you will see Skip button(Click it). After that the Initial Wizard will not appear.

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