The client always not roaming to the new AP

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Hi, there has 10 APs in my office and my colleges always claim their wifi not smooth.
After I checked, it seems a roaming issue that the client always not roaming to the another AP.
How can I improve it??


  • Zyxel_Kathy
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    Hi @livealive

    Maybe you can refer to the FAQ and check the configuration. 
    What's the condition for setting a roaming environment?

    If you have controller, you can also check system log. If the station roaming from AP-1 to AP-2 failed by RSSI threshold, band select or load balance, it will show on the system log.
    RSSI threshold is related the AP's overlapping coverage. you can try to enlarge the threshold or increase the AP's overlapping coverage.
    Load balance is related the number of client associated, maybe you can change the value to adjust.
    Band select is about the radio select. If the client only support 2.4GHz, enable band select will let 2.4GHz client connect the AP later due to AP want client connect the 5GHz first.

    If there is not the problem you have, please provide the configuration and collect the diagnostic by GUI when the issue happen.
    MAINTENANCE > Diagnostics > collect now.