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Hi again, new user here, spamming posts :)
I investigate the SSL file sharing as a replacement for an FTP server as we could use it with AD integration. I manage to get the download to work, but not the upload. I have assigned write permission on the cifs share. Are there other permissions that need to be set on the file server?
I see that Guest tries to connect at first when I logon, and it is disabled. Could that be a reason why I canät upload files?


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    Try to set permissions with "Full Control" of the selected group/user for this share folder.
    I have no problem uploading new file to the share folder via SSL VPN portal. (In my case, share folder is on Windows XP.)

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    Hello KristofferJ,
    I tested it locally and the file was updated to share folder via SSL VPN without any issue.(Test by Win 7)

    Make sure the folder of permission is full control for selected user on your PC. 

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    Sorry for my delay :)
    in your case, if you had an ad integrated in the USG, please stay sure, the CIFS share has write permissions for the user. if you are useing AD integration to connect trough SSL-VPN, please recheck the permissions on the CIFS share.

    and be aware.... the shown sslvpn web-interface is not in the future-mode by ZYXEL. The roadmap is to decomission the webinterface and you have to use the SSLVPN/IPSEC-VPN FAT Client to get connected.


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