USG40 Redirect outbound IP address to domain name

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Hi All,

 I need to have my router redirect a request from an application that wants to connect to a specific IP address, to connect to a specific domain name instead, and I'm not sure how to do that with my USG40. Can anyone explain the procedure?  Thanks.

 Here's the background...
 We have many black boxes out in the field that our company builds. They check for software updates by connecting to a SQL server at a certain IP address. It used to be a secured IP address with a SSL certificate, but our hosting company no longer supports secure IP addresses, only secure domain names.  We will fix that issue in our software when I get the boxes back into my shop, but I would like my shop to redirect that IP address to the domain name of our server on the fly.  We've played with the software and know that our server will respond in that fashion.  There are other steps being taken to move away from that hosting provider in the future.

 So, when my router sees a system (inside my network) try to connect to it instead sends it to

 It sounds simple in my head, but there are so many levels of confusion in this router...
 Thank you for your advice.


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    Is your scenario like below picture?

    If yes, it seems the features on USG cannot support your request. 

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