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Kann mir jemand helfen? möchte mir ein netzwerk installieren. habe dazu ein Switsch Zyxel es 2024 pwr bekommen und habe keine Software dazu . kann mir dies jemand zur Verfügung stellen oder weiss wo ich diese herbekomme? Mit freundlichen Gruss 


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    Hi @Thomas2409,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Based on your description, are you referring to firmware? Because ES2024PWR Zyxel switch doesn't need a software to install on it.
    But you may refer to this link for ES2024PWR download library to search related information that you needed.

    But if there isn't may I know the specific issue that you are encountering now?
    Is the ES2024PWR cannot boot up?
    If yes, please help to check the SYS LED status on the panel, if it is blinking for a long time or not blinking at all, please follow the procedure in this link to recover the switch.

    But if the issue still exists the root cause is more related to hardware, due to ES2024PWR is a very old model and already phase out. Kindly reconsider to buy a new Zyxel switch.

    Thanks for supporting Zyxel!