Zyxel WAC6502d not connecting to NCX2500

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My client noticed the absence of the usual Wifi SSID in one area of his hotel and asked me to investigate

Apparently the local AP, a Zyxel WAC6502d, is now back to advertising it's default SSID : ZYXEL 

From what I gather it was initially setup in AC Discovery mode and the NCX2500 provided it with its running parameters

So I disconnected it and connected my notebook directly to it (using a PoE injector of course) 

It didn't provide me with an IP address; strange, I thought that the majority of APs functioned by default in stand alone mode

The manual indicated that by default its IP address is therefore I configured my notebook's LAN interface accordingly
No joy, I can't ping the AP

I checked to see if the ZYXEL SSID was still being advertised and what do you know ? No ZYXEL SSID anymore.

I'm sure that there is a reasonable explanation for this situation

Anyone out there care to share their know how please ?



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    Hi @azurtem

    There are some conditions will let AP launch the default SSID:Zyxel in managed mode.

    1. AP still in the standalone mode and didn't managed by NXC. > Please confirm that AP is managed by NXC.

    2. NXC didn't set the correct radio profile with correct SSID for AP. > Please check the radio setting.

     When AP be a DHCP client in the managed mode, it cannot access by and it has not a webGUI can be login.

    Unless you change AP mode to standalone, it can be access by when AP didn't get the IP from DHCP server. 

    Your PC cannot ping to the AP by, it means that the AP may in the managed mode or the AP has other IP in standalone mode.

     There is a handbook for you referring.

    1. Manage APs through NXC Controller

    2. Set up a Wireless Connection Environment




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    I ended up dismounting the devices and resetting them and then manually pointing them towards the controller
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    @azurtem next time, you may try ZON utility to discover it, no matter you directly connect to it or indirectly. There you can identify its IP address & its mode -whether controller managed or not, without climbing up the ladder to take it down : )