When was DCS added to the NWA1123-AC Pro firmware

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I thought for sure I had setup my access points with a fixed channel but recently notices they were set to dynamic channel selection. Was this a fairly recent firmware addition or has it been around a long time.


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  • Penny
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    Hi smrbrts,

    Could you provide if you did any firmware upgrade action in this period?

    If yes, may I know you upgraded the AP firmware from which version to which version.
    Also, is possible to provide the auto-backup and startup-config configuration if they are existed.

    If you did not do firmware upgrade action, may I know if you did any process (ex. Changing configuration, reboot…etc.) and found the channel setting was changed.

  • smrbrts
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    I'm running 5.45(ABHD.3) and updated shortly after it was released from the prior version. I tend to keep these up to date. I'd really like to know if something about DCS changed in the last few releases. Was the feature added, or enabled by default when it previously wasn't? I guess I can start by trying to review all the release notices from the last few releases. 
  • Zyxel_Brian
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    Normally, upgrading firmware will not change the configuration setting unless there is any site effect that we did not notice. We did not hear about the same issue as yours. Could you let us know which firmware that you used before upgrading to 5.45? If possible, could you provide the configuration as “autobackup-<previous firmware version>” and “startup-config” which existed in the MAINTENANCE > File Manager > Configuration File? It will help us to realize the detail and easy to reproduce.