Ports invisible GS1510-16 switch

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I have a serious issue with my switch, I cannot access the switch anymore, even not with the restore utility (the utility do see the switch) but when I try to access it, it doesn't find the switch in both browsers, very strange thing. If I see to my internet provider's router, it doesn't see the switch eater. So I think my USG (who was installed before the switch and now is removed) made my ports invisible. So how do I get my ports back visible, I tried to reset several times the switch, but no succes. I need to get in the switch for enabling PoE for connecting 4 Voip phones. Thanks


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    Hi @GuntherM

    Given the fact that GS1510 is a smart (web) managed switch with no console port can be used for further investigation, the recommended action for current situation is to use the reset button (on front panel), by pressing it over around 5 seconds, the device would be restored to factory default setting and you can access it in default If it doesn't help, we'll suggest to replace it with another switch since GS1510 is a very old model.

    We'd like to also point out that GS1510 is NOT a PoE switch so it's not capable of powering up any PD like the VoIP phone as you mentioned.