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G'day All,

I have a ZyXEL vDSL DSLAM & a ZyXEL vDSL router.
I have a NBN FTTN 100/40 connection with Commander. The cable run is 600 meters from the node & I get 55/30 to the frame. Commander have provided a Netgear modem & an audiocode router. The netgear is connected to the phone line & the audiocode which is then connected to my VES 1724-56 24 port vDSL2 DSLAM. It has been jumpered through to the internal cabling which has a maximum run of 300 meters. At the distant end of this cable is a VMG8324-B10A router. The internet service is fine but I want to run sip services over this setup. I have the sip account information setup in the router and am using phone port one, it is working however it is running somewhat unreliably. The service drops out from time to time & you don't get dial tone to ring out & people can't ring in. Is there anything I need to tweak or is the issue related to double NAT, is the ITSP the issue or is it the ISP?

I'm quite lost, is there anyone out there that has this type of service running through this equipment. I do have a UAG 5100 to go in shortly could this improve the issue?

Any ideas anyone?


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    Did you try to register SIP account behind audiocode router if it is stable or not?
    or configure VMG8324-B10A as bridge interface and use PC as softphone to register the same SIP account.Try if the softphone is registered and stable to be use.